InDesign CS4 - images resize when pasted or duplicated

Whenever I paste, duplicate or option-drag an imported image it resizes (usually shrinking). This means if I've created a grouped item with an imported image and some text, the text remains the same size but the graphic shrinks. If I have to use that grouped item 20 times, I can't step and repeat or anything like it. All 20 must be have the graphic resized.
I'm not sure when this began, but it's very annoying. I looked for preferences or anything else that might have cause this to happen, but haven't found anything.
Any suggestions?

You got me stumped

I can't imagine why it would resize the images, especially on a copy/paste or step/repeated.

resized images

I had the same problem and I discovered it was a 3rd party plug-in I had installed called "PlaceAndScale.spln". It was up-sizing my photos...

You may want to check to see if you've installed this or some other plug-in that is interfering. I just moved it out of my plug-in folder onto my desktop until I can look at it later for options so it won't do this in the future.

Hope that helps.

Problem Solved!

Many thanks, beksq
I did, indeed, have PlaceAndScale.spin in my plug-ins folder! I removed it and the problem was solved!

exporting ol list to xml

M trying to export an ordered nested list from indesing cs 4 to xml but messed up with tags cn anyone help me out pls

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