InDesign Color help needed

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Hi all,
Here is my problem: I need to be able to apply a Pantone color to a layered graphic in InDesign. Right now my graphics are grayscale layered psd files. The Powers-That-Be want to be able to look at the book in different colors. But I can't get swatches to apply in InDesign, while keeping my layers. Anyone have a solution or suggestion?

You should be able to

Make sure that when you're in InDesign, you select the placed graphic with the Direct Selection tool (the hollow/white arrow tool), and NOT the regular Selection tool (the solid/black arrow tool) - then click the color you want to apply.

I must say though, this is not the best/most accurate way to get spot colors. You really should apply them in the Photoshop file itself before sending off to print.

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