Create/Use email stationary only on outgoing message, not on customer reply?

Whenever one of my users replies to an e-mail that has stationary (Mail OS 10.5.6., the original message is in the background along with stationary. The new message then overlaps the original message making a nice jumble out of everything.

I know I can make her only view emails in plain text, but she receives a lot
of automated html formatted emails that need to stay that way. Does anyone
have a better suggestion or idea? Thank you in advance...

Sending is fine (test fase), and the background looks OK.

However, when a possible client replies to our email, the background is used again on His/Her email answer. This is not good, because the top of the stationary is quite dark , so the addressee has to "enter" a couple of times so they can type below the top piece of our stationary.

How can i set up an email stationary that will only be used on outgoing messages and not on reply and/or forward ?

Not sure

I think this is something they have to set up on their end. In other words, they have to have their email client set to reply in plain text.

No stationery in Mail 3.6

I had to re-install the Mail application twice and when creating a new message, no templates for stationery show up. The area is gray and it says drag favorites here. I've downloaded some freeware stationery, but am totally puzzled. Apple Tech called me back, asked for my number "in case we got disconnected", she hung up and didn't even call back!

Help! I'm using Leopard on a G5.

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