Copy-Paste and InDD Para/Char Style issues

I'm having trouble with Styles (para and char) when copying content from one doc and pasting it in another. Formatting (such as bottom justification) and fonts are changing.

Break Link to Style works for objects... even Select All groups. It sort of works for para/char styles too, but only when applied INDVIDUAL text boxes and their content... one at a time.

My department has 5 members, and we gang-up each other's work for digital printing (2up, 4up etc... but not true imposition... fabrication constraints require use of fake crops etc).

Materials aren't fully proofed after the gang-up so these default situations are DEADLY.

Is there anything like "Paste Remembers Layers" that can be used to carry over seemingly inconsequential style issues across the board?

Any help (or resources) appreciated.


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